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No Time to Wait - The Healthy Kids Strategy

On March 4, 2013, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Healthy Kids Panel submitted its report, No Time to Wait: The Healthy Kids Strategy.  The Panel was established to help Ontario achieve its goal of reducing childhood obesity by 20% over 5 years (which is a part of the Government of Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care).

No Time to Wait - The Healthy Kids Strategy

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No Time to Wait proposes a 3-pronged approach to addressing the complex issue of childhood obesity:

  1. Start all kids on the path to health.   This priority highlights important steps to support young women to maintain their own health before they conceive and to support babies from the time of conception until after they are born.
  2. Change the food environment.  This priority identifies that parents want to make healthy food decisions but find it difficult within their current food environment (given marketing towards children, point-of-sale promotions and displays, unhealthy food provided outside of the home, and many other external factors).
  3. Create healthy communities.  This priority focuses on the need to develop coordinated programs and a broad community approach to kids’ health (recommendations include involving schools as hubs, using the expertise of professionals, and advancing the Poverty Reduction Strategy and Mental Health and Addictions Strategy).

The panel then proposes a set of measures and actions to achieve the ideas it puts forward.  The Panel also provides a set of requirements needed for the process to succeed:

  1. Make Child Health Everyone’s Priority.  This includes establishing a cross-ministry cabinet committee, chaired by the Premier, and engaging ‘the right’ partners and players outside of government.
  2. Invest in Child Health.  This includes providing focused government funding, allocated to preventing or reducing unhealthy weights, through the continuation of existing funding streams and by adding at least $80 million per year of new funding.
  3. Use Evidence, Monitor Progress, Ensure Accountability.  This priority recommends developing monitoring programs, supporting research, and providing an annual public report on Ontario’s progress towards meeting its target.

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