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Notes from Gil Penalosa's Presentation

Pedestrians + Cyclists + Parks & Public Spaces + Public Transportation = Healthy and Vibrant Communities

Notes from Gil Penalosa's Presentation

Thu, 2010-06-10 13:28 -- shawna babcock

Issue: Thinking and talking is not enough!
How do we move to DOING?

Change is Possible

Every community is unique, but the elements of committing to a healthy and vibrant community are the same. It is about adapting and improving: Building a case for more walkable and bikable community.


  • plan and design communities for people
  • establish parks within walkable distance
  • design communities around people, not cars
  • spur the economic benefits of active and vibrant communities
  • increased quality of community life increases economic competitiveness and happiness

8-80 Rule

Think about a child approximately 8 years old and an older adult approximately 80 years old who you love. Would you send either alone to walk or bike to school or the corner store? If ‘no’ – we need to plan and design better streets, trails and public spaces.

Role of Streets

  • streets are a major part of every community
  • streets are for much more than moving cars

Benefits of Active Communities

  • health
  • economic
  • social cohesion and inclusion
  • quality of life for all
  • environmental benefits

Change is achievable when priorities are clear:

  • quality of life for everyone
  • connectivity
  • interwoven trails in every community and between communities
  • recreational benefits
  • transportation
  • walking & biking are priority modes of transportation
  • right to mobility
  • proper spaces to walk or bike as a right
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist-Friendly Communities
  • integrate a complete streets policy
  • every time a road is rebuilt integrate the principles of multi-use (pedestrians, cyclists & vehicles)
  • design visible biking infrastructure
  • promote relationship to positive health outcomes Safety and Perceptions of Risk
  • walking and cylcling should be safe, attractive and feasible for all
  • just painting lines on existing roads does not work
  • increases in biking and walking infrastructure reduces accident rates

Gil Penalosa recorded by Shawna Babcock

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