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Seeking Multi-Use Trail

More than 50 locals filled the Pembroke Travelodge Wednesday afternoon to share their thoughts on the abandoned Canadian Pacific Railway line and the Canadian National line, both which run through the city. According to several area residents, both the CP line and CN line could be beneficial in a number ways to the city and at large, the County of Renfrew.

Seeking Multi-Use Trail

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With CP discontinuing operations on the line in 2010, the tracks and ancillary equipment have been removed from the rail bed. The county wants to become its future owner and convert the railway into a recreational trail corridor.

The CP line, 302-kilometres long, stretches from Smith Falls to Mattawa, through Renfrew County, Lanark County, Pembroke, Ottawa and the Township of Papineau-Cameron. Each have claimed first right-of-refusal for the abandoned rail beds for their respective section of the line, however, CP wants to see the line sold off wholesale.

Of the 302-kilometre stretch, about 72 per cent runs through the County of Renfrew. If acquired, a multi-use trail of that magnitude is believed to benefit the county in terms of economic development, according to county staff.


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