The Bonnechere River Watershed Nature in Your Neighbourhood Guide

Thu, 2012-11-01 09:49 -- cheryl keetch

The Bonnechere River Nature in Your Neighbourhood Guide is now available on-line! The guide features points of interest in the Bonnechere River Watershed and will assist residents and tourists to enjoy, appreciate, and learn about the Bonnechere River watershed area and its natural highlights.

The guide divides the watershed into ten areas. Five of the areas centre on towns that are in or immediately adjacent to the watershed—Renfrew, Douglas, Eganville, Killaloe, and Wilno-Barry’s Bay. The other five areas centre on natural features in the watershed—Lake Clear, Golden Lake, Round Lake, the Little Bonnechere River, and the headwaters in Algonquin Park. For each area, the guide describes a Featured Point of Interest and other Points of Interest, and identifies opportunities for walking, cycling, paddling, exploring, appreciating and sightseeing.

Also included are general descriptions of natural highlights such as lakes, forests, ridges and escarpments, wetlands, streams and rivers, including the Bonnechere River itself are provided, as well as species and vegetation types of interest, and references to the watershed’s fascinating geological history.

Two versions of the guide are available here for viewing or downloading; the print version, and an on-line version. The on-line version is an expansion of the print version, and features more photos, reproductions of local artists’ paintings, more web links, links to Nature in Your Neighbourhood video clips, and links to the four segments of the Nature in Your Neighbourhood video series, produced in partnership with TVCogeco.