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Renfrew County Stewardship Council

The Renfrew County Stewardship Program is a private land conservation program which brings together landowners, organizations and agencies to share information and partner on land stewardship projects. The program is directed by a council comprised of volunteer representatives of diverse groups of land and natural resource users with a common interest in encouraging responsible land use and stewardship for the benefit of the environment, citizens and future generations of Renfrew County.

Renfrew County Stewardship Council

Our Mandate
The mandate of the RCSC is to link landowners with funding, information and expertise, to ensure that good resource managment practices flourish across Renfrew County.

What is Stewardship?
An ethic in which humans care for the land as one part of the natural system. To participate in environmental stewardship is to make a personal committment to the land and to sustain and enhance it for future generations.