photo of scc cyclists
2013 Silver Chain Challenge

2013 was the inaugural year for the Silver Chain Challenge (SCC), a friendly competition between Renfrew County and Lanark County to inspire and promote more active and healthier communities.

2013 Silver Chain Challenge

PAN-RC, Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month in Lanark County, and our partners at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, invited residents and visitors of both municipalities to compete for the most number of kilometres biked over the month of June.

To promote Active Transportation, from June 1 through June 30, 271 participants registered online and posted the kilometres they cycled. While many participants also clocked the kilometres they walked, in this first year of the SCC, these points were not included in the calculations to determine the overall winner.

In the final tally, Lanark County came up on top with 75 cyclists earning 2400 points, and Mississippi Mills was the winning community with 61 registered cyclists participating.

A great time was had by all!