photo of clara hughes with kids
Clara's Big Ride

PAN-RC is proud to have hosted this county wide event on June 29, 2014 in the Town of Deep River. This was a cooperative effort between communities, agencies, municipalities and volunteers.

Clara's Big Ride

We are immensely grateful for the strenth of community collaboration that was so evident to make these events such a success.  Together, we are making positive change in our communities across Renfrew County. To all the passionate community champions, from recreation, mental health, well-being, families, individuals, businesses, municipalities and politicians, who supported Clara's Big Ride -- THANK YOU!

The passion, commitment and skill that goes into being an athlete is trumped by Clara's character and unbelievable deep understanding about the power of community. Clara, you soar as a community champion! The people that we have had the opportunity to meet and work closely with over the last few months hold that strength. Important conversations and commitment to inclusion and acceptance were raised higher and recognized by our collective need to talk about mental health, struggle and look at each other, knowing that it touches us all.

Here are the many people who contributed.  It took a huge community of volunteers to support such fantastic events.


Tammy McCarthy

Damien McCarthy

Katie Robertson

Town of Deep River

Krista Cadoreth

Chris Carroll

Sean Patterson

David Thompson

Jackie Melon

Sarah Hosbons

Jade Nauman

Mariah Tennant

Deep River Police

Ron Gignac

Marek Brela

Amanda Brela

Sierra Carlin

Darcy Chasse

Colin Goodman

Kasja-Dawn Scott

Bitzy Couling

Kerry Liblong

Daniel Kelly

Christine Bourgeois

Summerfest Committee

Saulis Fidleris

Ian McInall

Severn Brown

Sam Sullivan

Orjit Pandit

Michelle Mantha

Anna Leppinen

Alison McIvor

Becky O’Donnell

Lynne Kelly

Alina Cota –Merlo

Nataliya Korol

Eileen Cochrane

Deborah Desrochers

Amanda, Donna and Stephen

Monacco Dunn

Demi Bainbridge

PJ Sullivan

Michelle’s School of Dance

Adam Freeman

Megan Floyd

Ingrid Hagberg

Ange Benstead

Katie McClellan

Joan Doubt

Kristen Glowa

Jean Cooper

Cassidy Walker

Hilary Veen

Janet du Manoir

Speed Pro Signs

Chris Hermitte

Louise Hermitte

The Bear’s Den

Lin Blimkie

Bernice Blimkie

Scott Blimkie

Giant Tiger

Steven Langfield

Karen Langfield

Eva Gallagher

Anne Seck


W. Murphy Enterprises

Nancy Carter

Change Works Studio

Jennifer Hilton

Al Rose

Tracy McGregor

Tiffany Orpana Kennedy

Ann Mykolyshyn

Lesley Levinski

Bamboo 72

Dean Combdon

Joyce Ferris

Yvonne Stothers

Jessica Watts

Dean Watts

Laura Watts

Steps Count-Diabeters

Lee-Ann Kennedy

Carol Grant

Susan Fraser

Red Bargain Barn

Jim Daly

Phoenix Centre

Zora Budzna

Nancy Trottier

Justine Mumford

Laura Mayo

Boni Jaworkski-Patterson

IPC Securities

Dan Nolan

Pinecrest Gifts and Florist

Deep River Outfitters

Tim Hortons

Santa Fe Bar and Grill

Marion Thompson

Holly Rabishaw

State Farm Insurance

Donna Watt

Deep River Home Hardware

Video 10

Best of Friends Social Group


Deep River Golf Club

Rexall Pharma Plus

Canadian Tire

Mark Kulas

Kim Knight Yoga

Mary Lynn Benz

Evritt’s Auto Pro

Stephen Barlow

Tom Stephenson

Phil Chester

Nicole Deserres

Dé Groeneveld

Della Janzen

Rick Janzen

Julie Laderoute-Khosravi

Claire Watts

Kelly Hawley

Dennis Hawley

Jennifer Hawley

Jamie Hawley

Caroline Waddington

Wendy Roblin

Brad Roblin

Lucille Levinski

Johnathan Leslie

Pierre Poulin

Sam McCarthy

Leanne McCarthy

Lucille Christie

Jana Keeling

Frank Keeling

Tova Milgram

Michael Milgram

Bill Simmons

Joyce Winfield

Dave Winfield

Sigrid Geddes

Jocelyn Lanonette


Tracy Echlin

Mickey Mackenzie

Marion Lounsbury

Paige Fleming

Diane Fleming

Sarah Carlisle

Jason Crawford

Godfather’s Staff

Lizzy Farrell

Desiree Neveu

Haylie Boucher

Kelsey Mackinnon

Ginger MacGillis

Brianna Marshall

Jim McKenna

Conor McKenna

Liam McKenna

CANDU Swim Club

Wade Reith

Lauren Wheeler

Carolina Pucciarelli

Mike Stewart

Anne Davies

Patti Kinghorn

Phyllis Heeney

Jenn Foley

Trista Mandia-Rowe

Paulette Merrill

Deep River Chip Stand

Paula Fortune

George Poley

Reuben Marini

Family Enrichment Network

Spatial Planning

Tom Moore

Heather Tumber

Brian Brohart


Breaking the Silence

North Renfrew Family Services

Robbie Dean Centre

Phoenix Centre


Renfrew County Paramedics

Wren Rauliuk Dunn

Eirlys Rauliuk Dunn

Lee Chantrell

Calla Chantrell

Luc Chantrell

Samaya Chantrell

Izzy Coxworth

Ailish Patterson

Maud Patterson

Anika Loevenmark

Clara’s Big Ride Working Group

Steve D’Eon

Annie Fudge

Tamara Rauliuk Dunn

Catherine Kerr

Cheryl St. Elier

Christine Armstrong

Shawna Babcock

Monique Yashinskie

Ruby Manio-Dimayuga

Glenn Arthur

Kim Rodgers

Marina Charette

Mirelle Delorme

Paulla Leclair

Ivan Saari

Annie Koppins

Stu Theron

Patricia Careau

Bailey Rogers

Bill Bishop

Susan Patterson

Charlene Chaput

Carolyn Comerford

Elizabeth Michaud

The Rhodes Family

The Veen/Wilson Family

Physio To Go

Katharine Myers

Mental Health Services of Renfrew County

Deep River Nursery School

St Mary’s School

Mackenzie Community School

Deep River and District Hospital

Deep River Rotary Club

North Renfrew Long Term Care

Deep River Family Health Team

North Renfrew Times

The Olive Tree

Digital Copy Express

Sue Doncaster

Glen Doncaster

Tom Delaney

Charles Kittmer

Doug Killey

Richard Wray

Catherine Kerr

Tom Delaney

Charles Kittmer

Doug Killey

Richard Wray

Jessica Marie Kouri

Greg Lubimiv

Cassandra Edwards

Kelsey Parker

Julien Lubimiv

West Champlain Healthy Community Corporation 

Steve Yashinskie

Daniel Parker

Katie McLellan

David Studham


Whitewater Brewing Company

Beau's Beer

Fleury's Valu-Mart

Brian Leitch

Doug Nicks

Steve Bushby

Ian Muir

Kim Knight

Valri Poley

Sue D'Eon

Brock Sanderson

John & Sharon Rose

Denice Schneider and Family 

Jay Blackwell

Sandy Lebelle

Connie Cheshire

Marg Peterson

Carol Skea

Bill Charles

Sue Charles

Laura Wu

Katie Bess

Wendy Redford

Shelby the Labrador

Kathy Thompson

Diane Davis

Design House