photo of shawna and mayor sweet with award
PAN-RC Receives 2012 Warden's Community Service Award

At the November 28, 2012 meeting of County Council, Warden Bob Sweet presented Shawna Babcock, Chair of PAN-RC with the 2012 Warden’s Community Service Award - Not-for-Profit.

PAN-RC Receives 2012 Warden's Community Service Award

CAO Jim Hutton and Warden Sweet recognized PAN-RC as an innovative and dedicated group of multi-sector organizations and community champions working together to support increased opportunities for improved health, well-being and a higher quality of life for every resident and visitor of Renfrew County.

As a collaborative, PAN-RC shares resources, co-ordinates action, focuses on priority areas that enhance community spaces, and improve access to inclusive physical activity programs. Supportive built environments (such as roads, trails, paths, hallways, parks, public spaces), natural spaces and healthy policies provide opportunities for improved health equity, social cohesion, economic development and community engagement.